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Sports betting is a big and prosperous industry; it’s no wonder that you can bet on the relatively new type of sports - Esports. For those uninitiated, Esports is a competitive offshoot of gaming (playing video games); in the Esports competitions, several teams of professional gamers battle for victory in a tense and exciting atmosphere. The most popular games for Esports events are League of Legends (LoL), Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), Dota 2, StarCraft II, Overwatch, Valorant, and many others. In this article, we will examine different types of bets for Esports.

Betting Options (with examples from the Betmaster sportsbook)

Overall, betting on Esports doesn’t differ too much from betting on other types of sports: similar types of bets, and similar conditions (you can bet only if you’re older than 18, for example). However, there are some differences: the key among them is betting with skins instead of real money (skins are the in-game items for weapons and characters). This option is attractive for novice bettors, as it allows them a chance to learn the ins and outs of betting without losing real money. However, this option is not yet a widespread practice among sportsbooks in Eastern Europe.

All Esports matches take place during various tournaments, competitions, contests, and leagues; the largest Esports events have big prize pools, which attract the attention of sportsbooks, giving you many different betting options. For this list of available betting options, we will use information from the website of the Betmaster sportsbook as an example.

  • Bets on the outcome of the match: fairly straightforward, Team A wins, or Team B wins. The rules are mostly the same everywhere: there are the rates for the favorite and the underdog (the rates for the underdog are higher since they have fewer chances to win the match), you pick the team, choose the sum, and place your bet. Betmaster hosts bets for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Warcraft 3, League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch, StarCraft II, StarCraft: Brood War Valorant, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, and King of Glory.

  • Live bets: a popular type of betting in Esports, it is a bet made during the event in question. For example, at the Betmaster sportsbook, you can bet on live events for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends (information is relevant at the moment of the writing of this article).

  • Bets on the outcome of the group stage: many esports events feature a group stage, where teams split up into several groups. Bettors can try their luck by guessing which team will be the winner of its respective group.

  • Bets with handicap/advantage: this type of bet is solely for Esports disciplines with points; you bet on a team that will win the match with a handicap or advantage. The handicap/advantage is added to the final score of the match.

  • Bets on the winner of the event: a simple type of bet, here you choose which team will win the entire tournament. Usually, this is a choice between two final teams.

  • Bets on the total: another ubiquitous type of bet, this one is about numbers: number of points at the end of the match, number of rounds in the match, any numerically qualifiable stat in the game can be a part of the bet on the total. Typically, you choose between betting on “lower than total: or “higher than total”.

  • First Blood bet: this is a commonly used bet for LoL and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The point is to pick a team which, according to you, will get the first kill of the match.

  • Knife Round bet: a bet exclusive to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, this is a prediction on the first kill during the knife-only round of the game.

  • Destruction of the Tower bet: a unique bet for League of Legends; you bet on the team that you think will destroy the enemy’s tower first.

Esports  Betting: Conclusion

As you can see, the relatively young industry of betting on Esports events is rapidly growing, and it already offers a wide variety of options for gaming enthusiasts. Many sportsbooks, including Betmaster, are happy to provide you an opportunity to bet on your favorite team in your favorite game. Don’t miss your chance!

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