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Betmaster Sports Betting

Playing games is all well and good, but if you crave even more excitement, then our sportsbook is perfect for you. We’ve got it all: football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, ice hockey, MMA, cricket, handball, table tennis, American football, baseball, and even esports! New to sports betting? No worries, we’ll give you the basics for betting on the most popular sports in the world! We’ll even throw in some of the best and most prominent tournaments out there! Let’s roll!

How does betting on sports work?

First of all, you need to pick a sportsbook which can be tricky since there are so many of them available. Hopefully, you’ll pick Betmaster: it’s easy to navigate, accessible, and there is a ton of options for you to choose from!

Next, you need to choose the sport, the event, and the match. That’s pretty straightforward, no need for instructions here. It’s best to read up on the sport and teams that you want to place a bet on, just to be on the safe side.

Here’s the most interesting bit: the rates. Sportsbooks set the rates for every option: Team A wins, Team B wins, a draw, and so on. The teams in question, their performance in earlier tournaments, the rules of the events, and even the presence/absence of certain players influence the rates for each outcome. The rates for the favorites (the team/player more likely to win) are lower than those for the underdogs. This means that if the underdogs win, you’ll get a bigger reward, but their chances of victory are lower. As you can see, there are plenty of excitement, risk, and thrills to go around!

There is also a bet on the total; here, you choose if the score will be above or below an average rate set by the sportsbook.

Live Betting

If placing bets before the match isn’t exciting enough for you, try live betting! That’s right, at Betmaster, you can make bets during the matches for maximum adrenaline! This beats chilling out alone at the desk with an online slot!

Typically, there are two types of bets available for live betting: match bets and bets on the total. Structurally, they are identical to their non-live counterparts.

There are several advantages to live betting as opposed to betting before the event:

  • You have more context since you’ve already seen the beginning of the match. This gives you more information to work with when you place your bets.
  • You will have to wait for less for the results of your bets since the match has already started! It’s convenient, and you won’t spend less time in nervous anticipation of the results. 


One of the most popular sports on the planet, football has an enormous fan base and a ton of tournaments worldwide. You bet that there are a whole bunch of sportsbooks offering wagers on football matches! Let’s take a look at the most widespread types of bets for football.

  • Match Bet: here, you bet on the outcome of the match. There are three possible options: the home team wins, the away team wins, or a draw.
  • Final Score Bet: you try to guess the final score of the match. Note that the score in question is the result after the 90 minutes mark, so any changes during extra times and penalties don’t matter.
  • Bets on the total: this is a broad category where you place a bet whether the number of certain events (goals, yellow card, red cards, etc.) will be lower or higher than the total set by the sportsbook. For example, the total for goals in football matches at Betmaster is 2,5.
  • Bets on the goalscorer: here, you make bets on who will score the goal. This bet is a bit riskier since there are more options to choose from, so you may want to skip this one if you’re a newcomer.
  • Handicap Bet: similar to the match bet in terms of mechanics, but a sportsbook adds a number to the score that needs to be covered by the final score to count as a win. Handicaps can be positive or negative modifiers to the final score.
  • Half-time/Full-time Bet: you bet on the result of the first or second half of the match. This bet is for the more experienced bettors since it requires a lot of insight into the sport. Mechanically this bet is identical to the match bet.

Ice Hockey

This rough winter sport is extremely popular, and there are a bunch of incredible tournaments everywhere. Live betting on ice hockey is exhilarating, thrilling, and engaging. If all those online slots aren’t your cup of tea, then try betting on hockey matches: the thrill is guaranteed! Here are some of the widespread betting types:

  • Bets on the outcome: you place your bet on the winner or bet on a draw. This type of bet is the most ubiquitous in sports betting.
  • Bets on the total (final score): here, you need to guess if the final score is lower or higher than the total offered by the sportsbook. Typically the total for ice hockey matches is 5,5 (this is true in the case of Betmaster) due to the more fast-paced nature of the game.
  • Bets on the puck line (handicap): if one of the teams looks like a winner, you can bet on how many points they will score in the match over their rivals. Standard totals for this category range from 0,5 to 1,5. The final score must cover the puck line.
  • Among other types of bets are betting on the exact score, betting on two outcomes of the match, betting on the next goal, and so on.


If hockey is too hands-on for you, then maybe basketball is more your speed! The sport of mad dunks and dribbling has its fair share of betting options, and here are the most prominent of them:

  • Bets on the end of the match: the most basic sports bet; you pick the outcome that seems most likely to you and then place your bet. Possible options include the victory of either team and a draw.
  • Bets on a final score: make a bet on the number of points at the end of the match. Usually, this is a bet on the total; you choose if the teams will score above or below the total.
  • Point Spread: this is a way to level the playing field between the favorites and the underdogs. To win this wager, the team of your choice must win with a score that covers the handicap set by the sportsbook.
  • Prop Bets: a relatively new type of bet, prop bets focus on aspects of the game that are not the final score. They revolve around the performance of a particular team or an individual player during the match.
  • Bets on odds or evens: you bet on the score of either or both teams being an odd or an even number.


Perhaps, you prefer volleyball; no problem, we accept live volleyball bets on it as well! This highly dynamic team sport is as popular with sportsbooks as football, basketball, or ice hockey. Below we’ve listed some of the most ubiquitous betting types for volleyball:

  • Match Bet: the most popular and widespread type of bet, you choose which team will win. In the case of volleyball, this is even easier because there are no draws in volleyball, so the odds are better than in football or basketball.
  • Handicap Bet: the goal of this bet is to even the odds between the favorites and the underdogs. The team needs to win with a score that covers the handicap; otherwise, your bet loses.
  • Bets on the Final Score: here, you place a bet on the final score; usually, it’s a bet on the total, meaning that you wager if the team scores above or below the rate set by the sportsbook.
  • Set Betting: you can also make bets on the winner of a particular set. This bet is similar in structure to the match bet we’ve mentioned earlier. This is a great bet if you’re uncertain of the overall outcome of the match, but you’re sure who will take the first set, for example.
  • Tournament Bets: betting on volleyball doesn’t get bigger than this! You bet on the winner of the entire tournament; this is one of the riskier bets since there are a lot of unknown factors involved.


If team sports aren’t your thing, then maybe tennis is a better fit for you! Super fun to watch, incredibly energetic, and that’s without placing a bet! Let’s break down the most popular live bets for tennis:

  • Moneyline: this is the most widely known bet: who wins the match? Draws are impossible (like in volleyball), so the odds are a bit easier to read.
  • Game Spread: also known as the handicap bet; the player you bet on needs to win the match with a score that covers the handicap, otherwise you lose your bet. Another variation of this bet is Set Spread; the only difference is that you bet on the score in a set instead of the entire match.
  • Bets on the total: it's similar to bets on the total in other sports. You choose between betting on the score lower or higher than the total provided by the sportsbook.
  • Bets on the precise final score: this bet is rarer than other types, and it’s much riskier since you need to predict the exact number instead of the range of numbers.


This sport is extremely popular in India, England, Australia, and many other countries, with countless tournaments, competitions, and contests worldwide. Cricket blows all other sports out of the water with the number of different bets that you can place. Here they are:

  • Bets on the outcome: the most common type of bet present in all sports; there are three possible outcomes here: the home team wins, the away wins, or the match ends in a draw.
  • Bets on a tie: here, you simply place a bet on whether the match will end in a draw or not. This is a little bit more reliable than the usual match bet since there are fewer options here.
  • Bets on the score: another very popular bet, you need to guess the final score of the match. Typically, sportsbooks provide you with a total (an average rate for the final score), then you bet if the result will be above or below the total.
  • Bets on top batsman: similar to the bet on the top bowler, you get to choose the player who scores the most goals in a match or a series. You choose the player out of both teams’ rosters.
  • Bowler match bets: a less risky alternative to the top bowler bet; you only need to choose between two players instead of everyone.
  • Batsman match bets: identical to its bowler match bet counterpart, you choose between two players rather than the entire team. This fact makes it more reliable than the top batsman bet and more suitable for the newcomers.
  • And even more...

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

If all those sports above seem too friendly and not fierce enough for you, then MMA got you covered. This close-quarters, adrenaline-fueled sport has enough tournaments, leagues, and competitions to satisfy everyone. Let’s see what kinds of bets you can place on MMA events:

  • Betting on the outcome of a fight: a simple bet, either Fighter A wins, or Fighter B wins. Sometimes sportsbooks offer a draw as a possible betting option, so be careful while placing bets.
  • Bets on the number of rounds: you bet below or above the total to guess how many rounds will be in a fight.

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