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Video games have evolved in such a way that they are currently so popular that they allow them to do world tournaments with prizes in hundreds of thousands of dollars, to be considered as professional disciplines and to fill stadiums with thousands of spectators as if it were some famous singer in concert, not to mention the worldwide broadcasts via the Internet. Football is no exception and has become so big and popular that even FIFA has established an E-Football World Cup that takes place annually.

As a consequence of the global quarantine due to COVID-19, many organizations such as the English Premier League had the initiative to make E-Football tournaments and broadcast them through Live Stream, which has contributed to the recent popularity of this sport.

Types of real time bets in E-Football

The bets in E-Football are very similar to those of a classic football match. Here is the summary of the most common:
Bet on the winner: the player or team that is believed to win the match is selected.
Total goals: You bet on the number of total goals between the two teams that play the match.
Handicap: It is a method that is often used by bookmakers to match matches that, in theory, are very uneven.
Live bets: they are bets that are made while the game is played.
Multiple bets: consists of combining two or more types of bets into one.

Tips for live betting on E-Football

A particularity to consider when betting on E-Football is that every year, the game developers make modifications (some very small and others a little more significant) to the controls, movements and other aspects of the game that can affect the development of a match and that is why there is usually a new champion each year and even new finalists and semifinalists in each new edition.

There is a great advantage that E-Football offers compared to other sports disciplines and it is the fact that it has an almost total level of statistics which facilitates the bettor's preparation before placing his bet. Another element to consider in E-Football bets are the players themselves and I am not referring to those who are controlled in the game but to those who have control of the console in their hand, it is important to know them both emotionally and in terms of level of experience in E-Football and competitions at the highest level.

The emotional factor has an influence on the reaction that a player may have when he receives a goal or when he is losing and even when he is winning since he can fall into overconfidence and in the end, this will be reflected in the final result of the game match. As for the experience of each player, it must be borne in mind that it is not the same to play with friends in their living room than in an arena full of spectators and being broadcast worldwide.

Another point to consider is the selection of the betting house since, despite the fact that many offer the option of betting on E-Sports, not all of them are specialists and do not give adequate coverage as if it is the case of betmaster.io.

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