The offer of betting material for tennis is quite wide, mainly due to the variety of championships that exist in this sport, which means that there are regularly tennis matches in which to bet, although the most outstanding championships are the 4 tournaments that make up the Grand Slam (Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open) however there are several ATP and WTA tournaments as well as the Davis Cup, which is held annually and around the world and as if this were not enough, Exhibition matches are also played regularly, so specialist tennis bettors always have a choice.

Types of real time bets in tennis

Below we list the most common types of bets used in tennis:
Bet on the winner: You bet on the winner of a match, remembering that in tennis there is no tie at all. You can also bet on the winner of a certain championship.
Handicap: it is normally considered a predetermined value by the bookmaker against whom the total sum of the games won by one of the players in each set is compared. The bettor has to choose whether to be above or below the number preset by the bookmaker.
Set bets: In this type of bets, the result of a particular set must be hit, regardless of who is the final winner of the match.
Player bets: It is a fairly simple modality although a bit misleading since it consists of indicating whether a certain player is going to win at least one set during his match.

Tips for live betting on tennis

In tennis there are the world rankings of the ATP and the WTA, which give an indication of how a match can be solved by looking at the positions in the ranking, however surprises can occur so it should only be considered as a reference and the Bet cannot be made based solely on position in world ranking. Betting blindly on favorites can be a serious mistake and in fact, in set bets, it is even more possible that the favorite loses, so it is best to carry out a complete study prior to betting, making other considerations.

Unlike other sports where the field is usually the same (or very similar) in any stadium, in tennis there is the variable of the type of grass which is decisive for the final results of matches and championships since the performance of a Player can vary greatly in one type of pitch with respect to another.

The current physical and emotional level of the player is very influential in the result of a match because if a great player has just returned from an injury, it is possible that he will find himself with some pain or discomfort to make a movement which can limit him as well as the low rhythm of the game and the lack of confidence can work against him. In the case of doubles, not necessarily the pair that has the best player in singles is going to be the best, since here the most determining factor, in addition to those already mentioned, is cohesion and understanding between partners.

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