From a physical point of view, volleyball is a fairly complete and demanding sport that requires a lot of strength in both the upper and lower body muscles for actions such as jumps, serves or dunks, although it has the advantage that it is played by plays, each dispute of a point is separated from the other by a pause, that is, it is not a continuous sport like football or basketball, which allows a partial physical recovery for the players in addition to the fact that it is played in teams. that allows to distribute. From the point of view of sports betting, volleyball is an option that may seem challenging to newbies but for more experienced bettors it can be a more than interesting alternative.

Types of live bets in volleyball

The following are the most common types of bets related to volleyball:
Bet on the winner: This type of bet consists of the selection of the team that the bettor believes will win the match.
Handicap: volleyball is one of the sports where handicap bets are most commonly used because it is won with 25 points for each set although there must always be a difference of 2 points in favor of the winner. Usually, it is used in cases with equipment that has a considerable difference in level between them.
Total points: this alternative considers the option of predicting if the total number of points achieved between both teams in a set is odd or even.
Total sets: Another quite common methodology in volleyball is to bet on the total number of sets that are going to be played because in this sport you play to win 3 out of 5 sets.
Long-term betting: Here you select the team that you think is going to win a certain championship or that is going to be in first place in a group in a competition such as a World Cup, for example.

Tips for betting on volleyball in real time

Volleyball is a team sport, literally, which means that individualities are less influential than in other sports such as basketball or even football, so at the level of evaluation of the statistics prior to betting the main focus should be in the team numbers before any individual statistics. The level of cohesion and functioning as a group of each team is what is really going to make the difference in the result of a match and, therefore, it is what the bettor has to focus on in order to have the real notion of what that can happen in the match or championship.

The stadium must be considered as an important factor beyond how only one point related to being the local team since the dimensions of the pitch or the height of the mesh, even a couple of centimeters can affect the perception of the players as well as limit his performance a bit.

Calendars in volleyball tend to have many games, which leaves little time for the physical recovery of the players and this can lead the manager to change certain players in certain important games, leading to a change in the rotation that, as we mentioned, it can affect team dynamics and therefore performance.

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