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Arisen as an alternative to tennis when the weather did not allow its practice, table tennis is considered one of the most difficult sports disciplines to practice due to the speed of the game, which requires a very high concentration and a very good coordination between the eye and the hand elevated. Table tennis is one of the most practiced sports worldwide and much of this is influenced by the popularity it has in Asian countries, especially in China, which is the main reference in this discipline, in fact 4 of the 5 The top players in the world ranking, both female and male, are Chinese and the top 5 are Asian. It is the second most federated sport in the world and can be practiced for almost a lifetime, so it is normal for it to have so many practitioners.

Types of real time bets in table tennis

Despite the differences that table tennis may present with respect to other classic sports such as football or basketball or with e-sports, the most common types of table tennis bets are similar to those of the sports disciplines mentioned. Here are some of them:
Bet on the winner: You bet on the player or pair that is considered to win the match, remembering that table tennis, like regular tennis, can be played individually or in pairs.
Total points: In table tennis, you win by reaching 11 points and as long as you have two points difference, that is, you cannot win 11-10, in which case you must continue until the difference of two points is achieved. This type of bets considers the total of points scored by either players or pairs together.
Handicaps: you bet on a particular difference pre-established by the betting house.
Points per set: In table tennis, 3 or 5 sets are played and whoever achieves 2 or 3 sets, respectively, wins. In this type of bets, the number of points to be scored in a given set is selected, which in most cases is usually the first.

Tips for live betting on table tennis

For novice bettors, it is advisable to bet on the winner of the match rather than the winner of a given set, especially in 5-set games, this is due to the fact that being a sport that is decided, literally, by millimeters and fractions of a second , a particular set can be won by anyone. It is also important to know the styles of play of each competitor and see how it adjusts to another certain style, especially in the matches that are expected to be more even. In these cases, it is advisable to go for live bets since they allow to see the development of the game and the particular performance of each competitor, allowing the bettor to have a better notion when betting.

The popularity in terms of the number of people who practice table tennis does not correspond to the importance that is usually given in some bookmakers so those that usually include this discipline also tend to do so with very tempting odds for bettors want to bet on table tennis. One of the sports betting websites that often support this sport is

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