The vertigo, excitement and spectacular nature of basketball makes it an excellent option for entertainment but also a great alternative for bettors who can find a more than interesting niche in this sport. Although the main basketball competition worldwide is the NBA, there are other tournaments that are quite attractive to place bets such as the WNBA (the women's league in the United States), the ACB league (the Spanish basketball league), the Euro league (continental European tournament) , and a multitude of leagues and cups in Latin America, Europe and Asia. Something that stands out in basketball, which is shared with football or tennis, is that practically throughout the year there are basketball competitions so specialists in this sport usually always have a basketball game to bet on.

Types of real time bets in basketball

In basketball, bets are usually similar to those of the rest of classic sports, the characteristics of the game being what changes the way of betting. Here are the types of bets:
Bet on the winner: Being a sport where there is no draw, there are only two options as to who can be the winner, however it is necessary to be aware of whether the option of the winner in the extension is included in the bet.
Overtime: The matches must have a winner and therefore, if necessary, it goes until extra time until a winning team is reached, so one of the betting options allows you to say if it is believed that the match will go to overtime or is decided in regular time.
Total points: the betting house establishes a certain value of points and the bettor must say if the total of points scored between both teams is higher or lower than said value.
Bet per quarter or half time: Basketball consists of four halves, so the bookmakers give the option to bet on the result of a particular quarter or the result in the middle of the game.
Bet on player performance: the statistical follow-up in basketball is very large, so within the range of betting options is trying to guess the number of points, assists, rebounds, etc. that a certain player will have.

Tips for live betting on basketball

An advantage that basketball offers to bettors, as already mentioned, is the enormous number of statistics that are handled in this sport in addition to the fact that all the courts are practically the same in terms of their dimensions and are played in closed places by what climatic factors are not decisive, making both individual and collective statistics take on a larger dimension. To this must be added that basketball has very marked attack and defense stages, so the most prominent players have a certain influence on these facets, which makes it easier to select the focus point in the study prior to the bet.

For beginners or novice bettors in basketball, it is advisable to take a competition to specialize so that you can better keep track of all the statistics and once you have enough knowledge and experience, expand to other basketball championships. It is also important to consider that the NBA regulations differ in certain points from other competitions that are governed by FIBA regulations. Another difference between the NBA and, for example, the European leagues, is the calendar, since in the NBA several games are played in a week while in Europe only one day per week is played, except for the teams that play the Euro league. These two factors must be taken into account when moving from betting from one competition to the other.

You have to pay special attention, for example, to the types of offenses of each team since there are usually teams whose main strategy is the 3-point shot, so they become very dependent on their specialists in that matter, if they are on that day. a good night can score a lot of points but if this is not the case, it can greatly affect the performance of the team in attack. While teams that use offenses where they attack the basket tend to be a little more consistent in their performance although with a tendency to score fewer points, in most cases

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