Ice Hockey

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Ice hockey is one of those fast-paced and exciting sports that make it basically unpredictable for the common fan because you can score quickly so a result can change abruptly. For a bettor this can carry a risk but at the same time it can bring a more than interesting emotion as well as surprises that can lead to economic gains to some extent unexpected. This volatility is reflected in the last NHL champions since the beginning of the century, only the Pittsburgh Penguins have won the Stanley Cup consecutively, in the 2016 and 2017 editions. Something similar happens in the Russian league (KHL), one of the most important in the world of ice hockey, where there are 6 different champions in the last 10 editions, considering that the giant CSKA Moscow won 3 of those seasons.

Types of real time bets in ice hockey

Among the main types of bets in the market for betting on ice hockey are the following:
Winner bets: consists of selecting the team that is believed to achieve victory at the end of the game, regardless of whether it achieves it in regular time or overtime.
Bets on period winner: In ice hockey there are 3 playing periods of 20 minutes, in this type of bets, the team that will win at the end of a certain pre-established period is selected.
Bets on exclusions: One of the characteristics that most differentiate ice hockey from other sports is the option of these exclusions to occur where basically, two players are allowed to fight under certain rules and the bookmakers include a method where you can bet on how many exclusions there are in a match, something that we will not find in another sport.
Handicaps: In ice hockey, handicap bets can suppose, as already mentioned, an unexpected end both in a positive and negative way due to the change in the game, which is why it is more recommended for bettors with more experience.
Live bets: live betting is a bonus when it comes to the excitement of ice hockey itself.

Tips for live betting on Ice Hockey

In ice hockey, as already mentioned, there are 3 periods of 20 minutes per game that, in the event of a tie, is taken into extra time in order to have a winner at the end of the game. However, for betting purposes, it is necessary to pay close attention because the selected bet can refer to the end of a period, the end of the regular time (regardless of whether it is a tie or there is a winner) or the end of the match.

Knowing the information about expulsions is a point in favor of the bettor since when a player is sent off he is out of the game for 5 minutes, which means that his team will remain for that time with 4 players and results in a defining stretch of the game Because the team's reactions to this situation can be positive (there are teams that are strengthened by this adverse condition) or negative (other teams are outnumbered and end up suffering a lot from these expulsions).

The correct interpretation of some statistics and what happens in the game is essential so it is very important to study the game itself. For example, there are teams that have great offensive potential and take many shots, however this is not reflected on the scoreboard because they have a great goalkeeper in front of them who avoids many of their scores, however, in a next game the goalkeeper may rival does not have such an outstanding performance and the team manages to materialize its enormous number of shots in scores. So a team that seemed, in theory, not to be a great scorer, can be in practice with the right situation.

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