The most popular sport in the world is also the most popular in sports betting since most bettors with less experience start with football because where they tend to have a greater knowledge without taking into account the complexity that can be in trying to hit what it will take place at a football game. The large number of local and international football competitions as well as the attention it receives from the betting houses make it the most used discipline in sports betting and this takes an even greater dimension in certain tournaments or specific matches such as FIFA World Cups, UEFA Champions League finals or classics like Real Madrid - Barcelona.

Types of Real Time bets in football

Among the most common types of football bets we find the following:
Bet on the winner: In football there is the figure of a tie, except in final instances of certain tournaments where there must inevitably be a winner, so in this type of bets we usually have the option of choosing between the two teams and also the alternative of a tie. It is always important to validate if the bet refers to 90 minutes or includes a possible extra time or penalty shootout.
Total goals: consists of indicating whether the number of total goals in a match is going to be greater or less than a value established by the betting house.
Goal minute: This type of bet is about indicating when in the game more goals will be scored.
Half time bets: here you bet on the result in the half time regardless of the final result. It can be varied by including other elements such as if a team scores in the first half or if a certain player scores a goal.
Live bets: They are an interesting option since depending on how the game develops, the odds and betting modalities will emerge and change.

Tips for betting live on football

The football fan is usually known for being very passionate and having a very great commitment to his team, something that must be taken off when preparing and placing a bet because this is one of the most common mistakes in new bettors of football; bet with the heart and not with the head.

Football tends to give surprises that make this discipline a challenge for many bettors since some things that can change the course of a game are difficult to measure clearly statistically in addition to the fact that, compared to other sports such as basketball or baseball, football does not have a repertoire of statistics so controlled and easy to obtain.

Something to keep in mind when betting on football is that squads are usually formed so that the manager has rotation or replacement options, in order to have not only a strong starting elevation but also very good substitutes, so it is more common to see changes in football rosters than in other sports. It is always necessary to review the injuries of each team and even the type of injury since a blow is not the same as a cruciate ligament tear in the knee.

The location is another factor to keep in mind since there are certain stadiums whose dimensions vary a little with respect to the rest as well as the pressure that the rival fans can exert that serves to intimidate the visiting team and motivate the local. The condition of the pitch has a direct impact on the fluidity of the game and certain teams that prefer the game of ball possession can find it very difficult to play in these conditions.

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