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The recent evolution of Mixed Martial Arts has been exponential after adjustments were made to the regulations helping to protect fighters and leading this discipline to have a greater acceptance within society that has led to MMA events to be of the most watched in the world despite being a sport with a short time to live if we take into account that the current MMA began in 1993.

Types of real time bets in MMA

Betting on MMA is a bit different from traditional sports, largely because of the notable differences this sport has from the rest. Here are the most common:
Bet on the winner: The simplest option and one that is among the most common in sports betting, the fighter who is believed to win the fight is selected.
By duration or number of rounds: the betting house establishes a number of rounds that the fight would last and the bettor must select if he thinks the fight lasts more or less than what the betting house established.
By victory mode: Victory in MMA can be achieved in several ways; by KO, which is when the referee determines that one of the fighters cannot continue, submission or by decision of the judges, which can be unanimous, majority, divided or technical. We also have the cases of ties which are rare but possible and the types of ties are the same as those of the judges' decisions (unanimous, majority, divided or technical).
Live bets: the setting is carried out while the fight is developing.

Tips for live betting on MMA

When you want to make a bet focused on the duration of the fight, the style of the fighter is key since if the fighter is very calculating, good in the defensive part or a grabber, to mention an example, the fight is likely to be a little longer and in that case it is advisable to bet on the value established by the betting house. On the other hand, if the fighter you are betting on has a more explosive or offensive style, it would be best to bet below what is established by the betting house.

Being a purely individual discipline, the result is very subject to all the elements that may surround the fighters that may affect them on a physical, technical or emotional level. In live bets, it is necessary to closely monitor the consequences that a certain movement has had on a fighter since in MMA, a blow or kick can make a difference in the final result of a fight.

MMA has a classification that divides the fighters by their weight, having the categories flyweight, bantamweight, featherweight, lightweight, welterweight, middleweight, light heavyweight, heavyweight and super heavyweight. As the category has a heavier cap, a definition by KO is more likely.

The recent record of the fighter is important, however his experience and skills are more defining in the fight since the positive record may be due to the fact that his rivals were of a markedly lower level than the fighter. Even the fact that whether the fighter is right-handed or left-handed can be decisive because there are fewer left-handed fighters within the main MMA championships.

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